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Did you know that there are people out there who have made a career out of taking quizzes? Kevin Ashman from England for instance participates in various quiz-based gameshows and competitions demonstrating his amazing, expansive knowledge and skills. He has won multiple gameshows like Fifteen to One in 1989 and Mastermind in 1995 amassing to big prizes. He additionally contributed questions to radio quizzes like the Brain of Britain between 2002 and 2006. At the pinnacle of his career he won the World Quiz Championship a total of 4 times since their inception in 2003 as well as multiple British and European Championships. He participates in Team tournaments as well as individual ones.

Legend has it that the word “quiz” came from a Dublin theater owner by the name of Richard Daly who made a bet he could make a new nonsense word spread around the city and that the people would eventually give some sort of meaning to the word themselves. He brought it about by giving each of his actor’s a card with the word “quiz” on it and instructed them to write the word on walls all over the city. By the next day the word was the talk of the town and he had won his bet. It is speculated that the questioning of the people as to the meaning of the word led to its modern meaning.