Apollo Space Missions

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Six manned Apollo missions landed on the moon. The last manned moon landing carried the first geologist into space.

You may know that the Apollo 11 Spacecraft, which brought the first men on the moon had less processing power than the most basic smartphone. What you might not know, is that the code was written by a woman. Margret Hamilton was part of the 400 people programming team and wrote the onboard flight software for Apollo. What’s more impressive, is that at the time software was not even a thing, she practically invented it. Printed out, the code she wrote, and checked by hand without the help of automated color coding, was taller than herself.

By the way, the code was stored on punch cards before it ran through a simulator. Back then, programmers were able to read the codes by looking at them, just like the guy from Matrix. They didn’t take a stack on cards to the moon though. Seamstresses literally hardwired the binary code by threading copper wire through tiny magnetic rings with the wire going through being 1 and going around the core being 0. So basically, a wrong stich could have turned the moon mission into a disaster.

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