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Although Australia doesn’t have the southernmost mainland in the world, it’s the country you think about when you talk about Down under. However, in a couple of millennia it will probably be more down middle. Each year, Australia is moving 7 cm (2.75 inch) to the north. In fact, it is the fastest moving continent in the world. Unlike the slowly widening Atlantic Ocean, the comparatively fast speed of the continent is causing real life issues. Since the last update of the GPS coordinates in 1994 the continent has moved by 1.8Meters! So to get the directions right, your software has to correct all readings.

When you think about Australian wildlife you probably imagine kangaroos, koalas, alligators and many deadly critters. Well, a picture of camels would actually be more accurate. The animals were first brought to Australia in the 1800s. In the times before SUVs and small planes the desert proof creatures were the most convenient mode of transportation in the unforgiving and dry outback. However, in the last centuries they turned feral and now outnumber the koalas by 10 to 1, causing all sorts of problems from completely draining water holes to destroying ancient cultural sites.

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