Korean Script (Hangul)

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Unlike most languages, the Korean writing system hangul didn’t develop historically, it was invented and constructed by a team of linguists in 1443. Up until then, Korean was written with the Chinese characters called ‘hanja’. Seeing how both languages are … Read More


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Pistachios and cashews belong to the same family. Pistachios, at least the unsalted ones, are very healthy. A normal serving of one ounce, so around 49 nuts, provides the same amount of calories and proteins as an egg. They also … Read More

Christopher Columbus

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Christopher Columbus was Italian. Before Spain sponsored Columbus voyage, France, England and Portugal declined to back the expedition. Columbus’s flagship ran into a coral reef on Christmas Eve 1492. When 40 crew members were left behind to start the first … Read More

Apollo Space Missions

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Six manned Apollo missions landed on the moon. The last manned moon landing carried the first geologist into space. You may know that the Apollo 11 Spacecraft, which brought the first men on the moon had less processing power than … Read More

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