Apollo Space Missions

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Six manned Apollo missions landed on the moon. The last manned moon landing carried the first geologist into space. You may know that the Apollo 11 Spacecraft, which brought the first men on the moon had less processing power than … Read More


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Although Australia doesn’t have the southernmost mainland in the world, it’s the country you think about when you talk about Down under. However, in a couple of millennia it will probably be more down middle. Each year, Australia is moving … Read More


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Elephants are known for their extremely long gestation period of almost 22 years. But did you know that female elephants can become mothers right up to the age of 50? Apart from their size elephants have some other quite unique … Read More

Trevi Fountain

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The impressive fountain is the most visited in Rome and is a popular spot for couples. The romantic sculpture was completed in 1762 and it took Nicola Salvi almost 20 years to make it. Almost more impressive, is that the … Read More


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The German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen was not the first to observe the mysterious rays, but he was the first who studied them. Roentgen’s interest was piqued when a fluorescent screen was lit up during an experiment. When he passed his … Read More

Bette Davis

‘Bette’ was a stage name, the actress was born as Ruth Elizabeth Davis. Bette Davis was born in 1908, had her cinema debut in 1931 and starred in her last movie in 1989, the year of her death. During her … Read More


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Before Karl Benz build a gasoline powered automobile, the first internal combustion engine was powered by hydrogen. Cars are useful to get around but they also cause pollution, hence the abundance of regulations and heightened interest in clean fuel. However, … Read More


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Porcupines are the third largest rodents on earth. In fact, in North America they are outsized only by the beaver. Porcupines have about 30,000 quills, but contrary to popular belief, they cannot shoot them at will into predators. Instead they … Read More

Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson is known for his whimsical stories, perfect color coordination and collaborating with the same actors. Take Bill Murray, who acted all of Wes Andersons feature films, except for the debut. Owen Wilson is also featured in almost every … Read More


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The term ‘vampire’ can be found in many languages, but scholars are still unsure of its roots. The mystical creautures can be found in many cultures and all of them come with different abilities, from glistening in the sun to … Read More

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