Marie Curie

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Marie Curie’s laboratory notebooks are still extremely radioactive and many of them cannot safely be studied to this day. Marie Curie received her first Nobel Prize along with her husband Pierre Curie. The very word “radioactive” was coined by the … Read More

Nikola Tesla

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Some of Tesla’s inventions are still classified by the US Government. Nikola Tesla worked for Thomas Edison until he left to conduct his own research. Both scientists were working generating electricity and how to deal with the current. While Edison … Read More

Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday missed school so often, that her mother was brought to court. Billie Holiday was born in 1915 in Philadelphia and grew up in extreme poverty. By her own admission, she had no childhood as she had to start … Read More

Ronald Reagan

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To this day, Ronald Reagan was the only president to get a divorce. He was married to Nancy, his second wife, for 28 years before he run for president. Before Ronald Reagon moved into the White House as a Republican … Read More

George Lucas

The special effects department at 20th Century fox shut down right after he began production on Star Wars, leading him to create his very own special effects company called “Industrial Light and Magic”. In 1969, George Lucas married film editor … Read More

Marilyn Monroe

While in the spotlight, Marilyn Monroe embodied the dumb blonde, but in reality she had an IQ of 168! Marilyn Monroe’s life not only had a tragic end, the beginning was also anything but glamorous. Marilyn’s mother was 24 years … Read More

Elvis Presley

Elvis favorite sandwich might have made you sick. He loved to combine bacon, banana, peanut butter, and honey! Even during his lifetime, Elvis was a top-selling artist worldwide, yet he barely played any concerts outside of the USA. In fact, … Read More


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In the local language Hungary is called Magyarország. The Hungarian language is Magyar, it has evolved from the language of the Huns. In Europe, only two languages are related to it: Finnish and Estonian. Hungary was founded in 897 and … Read More

Formula 1

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Formula 1 has its roots in the European Grand Prix motor racing in the 1920s and 30s. The word “formula” refers to the rules that must be respected by all drivers and cars. Formula 1 drivers have an incredible ability … Read More


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Young dolphins nibble on puffers to get high. Puffers are pretty strange sea creatures: when faced with danger, they blow up to triple of their original size, they change their color depending on mood and environment and they can move … Read More

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