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In the Azores, each branch of government is located on a different island.

The Azores are an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, which officially belong to Portugal. The holiday paradise consists of nine major and numerous small volcanic islands. The main island is located nearly 850 miles from the European mainland.

The islands are known for their blue-green lakes, impressive volcanic craters, medieval churches and hydrangeas. The magnificent blossoms of Faial island gave it the nickname "Blue Island". The top of the Pico volcano, located on the eponymous island, reaches 2,351 meters above sea level. The mountain in the Atlantic is the highest point of Portugal.

Europeans knew the islands in the Middle Ages: One of the oldest references can be found on a Catalan map dating from 1375. Officially, the islands were only discovered in 1431 and shortly after that Portuguese settlements were formed. By 1600 the archipelago faced a problematic overpopulation and many inhabitants emigrated to Brazil, Uruguay, the USA and Canada. Today, a total of 245,500 people live on the islands.

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