Bette Davis


‘Bette’ was a stage name, the actress was born as Ruth Elizabeth Davis.

Bette Davis was born in 1908, had her cinema debut in 1931 and starred in her last movie in 1989, the year of her death. During her career she was nominated for the best actress Oscar a whopping ten times and managed to take home two of the trophies. Her first nomination was actually quite controversial: She wasn’t officially nominated for her role, but other academy members just wrote her name into the voting cards anyway. This lead to a general change in the nomination progress.

The iconic actress was just 5’3 and her first impression of Hollywood was not a welcoming one. When she arrived at Universal for a screen test, the employee left without even greeting her. Turns out he didn’t see anyone who ‘looked like an actress’ and thought he was stood up. Her grave stone is inscribed with the words “She did it the hard way.”

She was not only bigger than life on screen, Bette Davis was also founded and ran the Hollywood Canteen during WW II. For her efforts she was awarded the highest civilian award by the Defense Department.

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