Brussels sprouts

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Some people carry a gene that makes Brussels sprouts taste bitter to them.

If you hate Brussels sprouts because of their bitter taste, your dislike might be dictated by generics. For people with the gene TAS2R38 all and any cabbage just tastes disgustingly bitter. (That knowledge would have been so handy during dinner as a child.) Whatever you might think of the taste, there is no disputing that sprouts are actually a healthy food. For a veggie, they have a surprisingly high protein content. They are also full of fiber, calcium, potassium and the vitamins A, C and K.

Brussels sprouts most likely originated in Iran and Afghanistan; so how did they get their name? The little green veggies were highly popular in 16th century Belgium. People started using the capital city of Belgium, which is Brussel, when referring to this particular mini cabbage.

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