Bette Davis

‘Bette’ was a stage name, the actress was born as Ruth Elizabeth Davis. Bette Davis was born in 1908, had her cinema debut in 1931 and starred in her last movie in 1989, the year of her death. During her … Read More

Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson is known for his whimsical stories, perfect color coordination and collaborating with the same actors. Take Bill Murray, who acted all of Wes Andersons feature films, except for the debut. Owen Wilson is also featured in almost every … Read More

Star Treck

“Beam me up, Scotty” is never said verbatim in the original series. Star Trek the original series is responsible for many iconic inventions, among them the Vulcan neck pinch and the Vulcan salute. Both were created by the actor playing … Read More

Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday missed school so often, that her mother was brought to court. Billie Holiday was born in 1915 in Philadelphia and grew up in extreme poverty. By her own admission, she had no childhood as she had to start … Read More

George Lucas

The special effects department at 20th Century fox shut down right after he began production on Star Wars, leading him to create his very own special effects company called “Industrial Light and Magic”. In 1969, George Lucas married film editor … Read More

Marilyn Monroe

While in the spotlight, Marilyn Monroe embodied the dumb blonde, but in reality she had an IQ of 168! Marilyn Monroe’s life not only had a tragic end, the beginning was also anything but glamorous. Marilyn’s mother was 24 years … Read More

Elvis Presley

Elvis favorite sandwich might have made you sick. He loved to combine bacon, banana, peanut butter, and honey! Even during his lifetime, Elvis was a top-selling artist worldwide, yet he barely played any concerts outside of the USA. In fact, … Read More


MarvelThere is a company in charge of cleaning up the mess made by superheroes. Any OCD person tuning into a superhero film is bound to notice that, they leave behind a little destruction in their path. Yeah sure, they save … Read More

The Hulk

The HulkThe Hulk was originally grey. Wipe the images of the muscled green giant tearing apart his shirt for a second and try to imagine him in a different hue. The reason for the change is surprisingly technical. Although all … Read More

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