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Although Australia doesn’t have the southernmost mainland in the world, it’s the country you think about when you talk about Down under. However, in a couple of millennia it will probably be more down middle. Each year, Australia is moving … Read More

Trevi Fountain

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The impressive fountain is the most visited in Rome and is a popular spot for couples. The romantic sculpture was completed in 1762 and it took Nicola Salvi almost 20 years to make it. Almost more impressive, is that the … Read More


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In the local language Hungary is called Magyarország. The Hungarian language is Magyar, it has evolved from the language of the Huns. In Europe, only two languages are related to it: Finnish and Estonian. Hungary was founded in 897 and … Read More


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Rabat is the capital of Morocco.The area of Morocco is only slightly larger than California. Morocco is the only African country that is not a member of the African Union. The coastal country is the largest processor and exporter of … Read More


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The highest point of Estonia, Suur Munamägi is just 318 meters above sea level. Estonia is the northernmost of the Baltic States and is a member of the EU since 2004. The state has a population of only 1.3 million … Read More


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Since the 15th century Edinburgh has been the capital of Scotland. With a population of around 493.000 it is the second largest city in the country. Its history goes back many centuries: In the area artifacts from the Bronze Age … Read More


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In the Azores, each branch of government is located on a different island. The Azores are an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, which officially belong to Portugal. The holiday paradise consists of nine major and numerous small volcanic islands. The … Read More


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In the years 1811 and 1812 three strong earthquakes, measuring approximately 8 on the Richter scale, caused parts of the Mississippi river to flow backwards, which caused the Reelfoot lake in Tennessee to form. The strongest earthquake was recorded in … Read More


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Der word volcano derives from ‘Vulcanus’, the Greek god of fire. With an altitude of 6,071 meters the Guallatiri in Chile is considered to be the highest active volcano in the world. The ‘Ojos del Salado’ on the Chile-Argentina border … Read More


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After Russia, Canada is the second largest country in the world. Canada not only covers a huge area, it also has a lot of lakes. Did you know, that more than half of the natural freshwater lakes are in Canada? … Read More

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