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Pistachios and cashews belong to the same family. Pistachios, at least the unsalted ones, are very healthy. A normal serving of one ounce, so around 49 nuts, provides the same amount of calories and proteins as an egg. They also … Read More


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Elephants are known for their extremely long gestation period of almost 22 years. But did you know that female elephants can become mothers right up to the age of 50? Apart from their size elephants have some other quite unique … Read More


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Porcupines are the third largest rodents on earth. In fact, in North America they are outsized only by the beaver. Porcupines have about 30,000 quills, but contrary to popular belief, they cannot shoot them at will into predators. Instead they … Read More

Praying Mantis

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Praying mantises are known for their cannibalistic females, but there is much more to the insects. The name has its root in Greek meaning prophet or soothsayer. Out of approximately 2,000 species only 18 are native to North America. However, … Read More


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After water, tea is the most consumed beverage worldwide. While tea comes from China, the country most associated with tea is England. And there is a good reason for that: The brits drink 62 billion cups per year or 165 … Read More


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Young dolphins nibble on puffers to get high. Puffers are pretty strange sea creatures: when faced with danger, they blow up to triple of their original size, they change their color depending on mood and environment and they can move … Read More


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A group of frogs are called an army. The largest frog in the world is the Goliath Frog: He has a body length of 13 inches and if you count the outstretched hind legs, you get an impressive size of … Read More

Brussels sprouts

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Some people carry a gene that makes Brussels sprouts taste bitter to them. If you hate Brussels sprouts because of their bitter taste, your dislike might be dictated by generics. For people with the gene TAS2R38 all and any cabbage … Read More


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Cashew nuts are the dangly bottom bit on a fruit. With 650,000 tonsper year, Nigeria is the biggest producer of cashews. Cashews are related to pistachios, mangoes and poison ivy. Each nut is in a kidney shaped face fruit which … Read More


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Peanuts grow on the roots of a plant. A very large number of people, particularly in the United States, are allergic to peanuts. Childhood food allergies in the United States, peanuts included, cost nearly US$25 billion every year. Not only … Read More

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