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Before Karl Benz build a gasoline powered automobile, the first internal combustion engine was powered by hydrogen. Cars are useful to get around but they also cause pollution, hence the abundance of regulations and heightened interest in clean fuel. However, … Read More


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Porcupines are the third largest rodents on earth. In fact, in North America they are outsized only by the beaver. Porcupines have about 30,000 quills, but contrary to popular belief, they cannot shoot them at will into predators. Instead they … Read More

Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson is known for his whimsical stories, perfect color coordination and collaborating with the same actors. Take Bill Murray, who acted all of Wes Andersons feature films, except for the debut. Owen Wilson is also featured in almost every … Read More


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The term ‘vampire’ can be found in many languages, but scholars are still unsure of its roots. The mystical creautures can be found in many cultures and all of them come with different abilities, from glistening in the sun to … Read More

Praying Mantis

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Praying mantises are known for their cannibalistic females, but there is much more to the insects. The name has its root in Greek meaning prophet or soothsayer. Out of approximately 2,000 species only 18 are native to North America. However, … Read More

Coca Cola

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The pharmacist John Pemberton wanted to find a cure for headache, so he combined coca leaves with cola nuts – and Coca-Cola was born. The Coca-Cola company came to live in 1889 and reigned supreme, until PepsiCo entered the market … Read More

Star Treck

“Beam me up, Scotty” is never said verbatim in the original series. Star Trek the original series is responsible for many iconic inventions, among them the Vulcan neck pinch and the Vulcan salute. Both were created by the actor playing … Read More


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The first escalator was exhibited at the world’s fair in Paris in 1900. The original design from of Charles D. Seeberger in 1900 has been slightly improved over time, but the actual way escalators function has been the same since … Read More


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Have you ever wondered, why a week is made of seven days? Most believe it to be grounded in the biblical connection, the six days it took god to create the world followed by a day of rest. However, the … Read More


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The original telephone greeting suggested by Alexander Graham Bell was ‘ahoy’. The familiar ‘Hello’ was introduced later by Thomas Edison. The first phone call was made in the year 1876. Bell was working on his “harmonic telegraph” for two years, … Read More

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