Oscar Wilde

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Oscar Wilde is the suspected author of an anonymously published victorian erotica novel about the underground gay clubs in London. Oscar Wilde’s most famous work is his only novel “The Picture of Dorian Grey”. Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde was … Read More


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Tires used to be white because that’s the original color of natural rubber. Latex is a natural product, or it used to be purely natural, to be exact. Today latex can be produced from the sap of the rubber tree … Read More


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Over 1,000 years ago the Chinese and Mongols were already aware of magnetized bodies pointing to the north. For centuries floating slivers of magnetic stones or magnetized needles were used as a compass. The first “dry compass” as we know … Read More

Solar energy

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The first silicon-based solar cell, which generated power directly from the sunlight, was built at Bell Laboratories in 1954. However, even before solar cells were used, people have harvested the sun’s energy. Bleaching and drying clothes in the sun was … Read More


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A group of frogs are called an army. The largest frog in the world is the Goliath Frog: He has a body length of 13 inches and if you count the outstretched hind legs, you get an impressive size of … Read More

Brussels sprouts

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Some people carry a gene that makes Brussels sprouts taste bitter to them. If you hate Brussels sprouts because of their bitter taste, your dislike might be dictated by generics. For people with the gene TAS2R38 all and any cabbage … Read More


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Cashew nuts are the dangly bottom bit on a fruit. With 650,000 tonsper year, Nigeria is the biggest producer of cashews. Cashews are related to pistachios, mangoes and poison ivy. Each nut is in a kidney shaped face fruit which … Read More


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The world’s biggest chocolate bar weighted 5,792 Kilograms. The name chocolate comes from the Aztec word “Xocolati” which can be translated roughly to “bitter water”. Christopher Columbus brought the first cocoa beans to Europe, but at the time people didn’t … Read More


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Peanuts grow on the roots of a plant. A very large number of people, particularly in the United States, are allergic to peanuts. Childhood food allergies in the United States, peanuts included, cost nearly US$25 billion every year. Not only … Read More


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Vanilla pods grow on orchids. Vanilla is one of the most popular flavors, which probably also gave it the reputation of being boring and uneventful. However, the origin of the natural vanilla flavor is quite exotic. Vanilla beans or pods … Read More

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