Charles Darwin

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Darwin is now a famous biologist and the founder of the theory of evolution. His book "On the Origin of Species by Natural Selection" is a milestone of scientific research, but it almost didn’t come to be. Charles was the son of a physician and was supposed to follow the family tradition. Alas, he couldn’t stand the sight of blood and was bored by the lessons. His second attempt was the study of theology, also encouraged by his father. In addition to studies of theology he took up an interest in insects an geology, which secured his place aboard the research ship MS Beagle during its voyage to South America. It was the reconnaissance trip on the HMS Beagle that shaped Darwin's idea of evolution, but he almost never went on board: The captain did not like the shape of Darwin’s nose, thinking it hinted at a weak character.

Darwin waited 20 years before publishing his groundbreaking results. He had legitimate concerns that society at that time was not for a theory of a natural origin of species. The famous phrase "survival of the fittest" was not coined by Darwin himself and emerged only in the 5th edition on "The Origin of Species". The actual saying was phrased by the philosopher Herbert Spencer, while summarizing Darwin's concept of evolution in his book.

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