Charlie Chaplin

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Charlie Chaplin took part in a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest, he came in 3rd.

Charlie Chaplin was known for the Tramp with his iconic mustache, bowler hat and cane. In real life, the actor looked completely different. Chaplin was the first thespian who made it on the cover of the TIME Magazine. His films combined slapstick humor with political commentary, which turned them into masterpieces. Charlie Chaplin was not only an actor and director, he was also a composer who wrote 500, some very famous, melodies.

Chaplin was liberal, critical and a pacifist, which went against the popular sentiment in US at that time. After World War II Chaplin was on trial for alleged communist connections. The native brit had trouble re-entering the United States and in 1952 he went into exile in Switzerland.

The Private life of Chaplin would be all over the tabloids today. He was married four times to much younger women. At an age of 26 he married the 16-year-old actress Mildred Harris. After a nasty divorce he remarried at the age of 35. This time the bride, Lita Grey, was also just 16 years old. As expected the marriage didn’t last and ended in a messy divorce in court. At his third wedding he was 47 and the bride was 28. hat marriage ended amicably after 6 years. In 1943, at the ripe age of 54, he married again. This time, the bride was only 18 years young, but the marriage Oona O'Neill was his happiest and held up to Chaplin's death in 1977. The couple had 8 children, the youngest was born when Charlie Chaplin was 73 years old.

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