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Since the 15th century Edinburgh has been the capital of Scotland. With a population of around 493.000 it is the second largest city in the country. Its history goes back many centuries: In the area artifacts from the Bronze Age were found and researchers even discovered remains of an ice age fortification from the 1st millennium BC! In the 7th century the Romans built a hill fort and its traces are still visible today.

The most famous sight of the city, a castle from the 16th century, stands on a 340 million years old axtinct volcano. The crater of the old volcano is called ‘Arthurs Throne’. The first version of the castle was erected in the 11th century at the same place, but it was destroyed in many sieges and rebuilt in the current style each time.

Like Rome and Moscow, Edinburgh was built on seven hills. The city boasts many well-preserved buildings found from several centuries and Edinburgh has the highest density of listed historical buildings in all of UK!

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