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The special effects department at 20th Century fox shut down right after he began production on Star Wars, leading him to create his very own special effects company called “Industrial Light and Magic”.

In 1969, George Lucas married film editor Marcia Griffin. Griffin also worked on the first Star Wars film, for which she took home an Academy Award for her editing. In 1983 the couple split and began proceedings for divorce. Lucas had to sell off the computer graphics division of his special effects company to help pay for his divorce settlement. This portion was sold to Steve Jobs who renamed it Pixar. Only a few short years later, the newly founded Pixar began winning awards for its animated shorts and later its first feature-film, Toy Story.

In 2007, the hit animated adult comedy series Family Guy released a parody episode of the Star Wars films entitled Blue Harvest after the working title for the production of Return of the Jedi. George Lucas has said that he is a fan of the show and was very helpful with and supportive of the creation of the parody episode and the subsequent episodes with the same parody theme.

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    I just Love his films Star Wars Indiana Jones. He’s amazing! My class told me to do a biography on someone and the person was George Lucas. my name happens to be Lucas

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