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In the local language Hungary is called Magyarország.

The Hungarian language is Magyar, it has evolved from the language of the Huns. In Europe, only two languages are related to it: Finnish and Estonian. Hungary was founded in 897 and in the year 1000, the Kingdom of Hungary was one of the largest European countries. Hungary is one of the oldest European countries and the capital Budapest has the oldest subway system in Europe mainland. Worldwide, only the London tube is older.

Budapest has the largest synagogue in Europe, which is also the second largest synagogue in the world. Every third Hungarian is not living in Hungary. The total population of the country is just under 10 million people and one tenth of them live in the capital. Across the country there are more than 1,500 baths with Roman, Greek, and Turkish architecture. Budapest is located on countless hot springs which bring over 70 million liters of water to the surface per day.

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