Jelly Beans

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Jelly Beans were invented by a man named William Schrafft in Boston during the American Civil War.

Although chocolate and peeps are the most popular Easter candies, Americans still consume more than 16 billion jelly beans during the Easter holiday season. Of those 16 billion, the red ones are the favorites. According to the Spectra Colors Corps, a company in New Jersey, USA that provides the dyes and colorants to sweets companies all over, red is the most popular color. They also claimed that yellows and browns do well during the springtime season.

Red has not always been the most popular of hues. In the early 1950s, the Federal department of Agriculture (FDA) in the United States tested the color Red 2 and the results were dangerously harmful. A small number of female test rats that were fed the dye developed breast tumors and Russian tests proved the same dye was toxic to embryos. It was though altered to the form it takes today, where it is no longer harmful. So, don’t worry, keep on eating those red jelly beans America!

Jelly beans are widely believed to have been created in the year 1861. Their recipe was inspired by the jelly interior of a Turkish delight confection that was popular at the time. The creator of the beans encouraged people to send them to soldiers during the Civil War. Peeps are the second most popular candy for Easter, but they were only invented in 1953.

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