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Lions don’t chew their food; they use their teeth only top tear out chunks of meat.

Lions live in groups called prides. The big cats eat between 7 and 10 kilograms per day, but after a proper feast (they can devour up to 40 kg in a single meeting) they can survive without food for quite a few days. Lions don’t have many natural predators, but there are some animals that are known to be dangerous to the misnamed king of the jungle. Hyenas usually compete for what the lion has left of its meal, but they will attack and kill injured lions.

The other animal that lions don’t want to come to close to? Porcupines. That’s right, the small spiky animals can turn into a dangerous annoyance for the wild cat. If a lion sniffs the porcupine, it can get its quills stuck in their mouth. Most of the time the quills stay firmly planted for the rest of the lions’ life.

Male lion is famous for its mane, but did you know that its tasseled tail is just as unique? Lions are the only member of the cat family to have this feature. They use the distinctive look for signaling one each other.

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