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Japanese people made an art-form of folding paper, cloth, or foil, which is called origami. You can make animals, birds, bugs and geometrical forms out of, mostly square, sheets. The tricky part? In true origami you aren’t allowed to use scissors or glue!

Did you know that samurai were doing origami as well? Over 1300 years ago paper was very expensive, so it was a special gift. The folding was also a ceremony itself. Samurai would present each other with “noshi”, a traditional paper or cloth origami which had a piece of dried fish or meat in the middle. Getting one was a promise of good luck.

The most famous origami form is the crane. Legend has it, that completing one thousand of these paper birds will grand you a wish. The smallest crane ever made was folded from a thin sheet of plastic. The resulting art-piece measured just 0,1 mm! It’s not just paper and plastic you can use to make the folded animal. Some restaurants use wonton sheets and decorate their salads with eatable pieces of origami.

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