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The original telephone greeting suggested by Alexander Graham Bell was ‘ahoy’. The familiar ‘Hello’ was introduced later by Thomas Edison.

The first phone call was made in the year 1876. Bell was working on his “harmonic telegraph” for two years, before he succeeded. The first words spoken were “Watson come here, I want you!”. Have you ever wondered why we ‘put someone on hold’? Well, it comes from Bell literally handing the telephone to Watson and asking him to hold it.

Telephones gained popularity pretty fast. In 1910 the New York Telephone employed 6,000 (only female) phone operators and by 1915 there were 11 million phones in the US alone.

Nowadays most phones are put on vibrate or have a customized alert. Before that was an option, you were stuck with few choices. Did you know that the famous Nokia ringtones and standard alerts have a hidden message? The memorable ascending ringtone is actually ‘connecting people’ in Morse code and the standard SMS tone is also Morse, but simply for the letter M.

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