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Sloths can swim. They are 3x faster in water than they are on land.

The sloth’s lifestyle is envied by every office worker and student – at least every now and then. The animals are incredibly cute and lazy. They spend most of their time in trees. But unlike their reputation suggests, they don’t sleep all the time. Sloths sleep around 10 hours per day. It’s not just the animal itself, which is incredibly slow. Sloths have a very slow metabolism too: on average, the arboreal animals only defecate/urinate once a week.

This is also a survival technique. The animals have to get of the tree to do their business, where they are especially vulnerable. The sloth’s hair color is not natural. Or rather, what you see is not defined by the sloth’s nature. Algae grows on most sloths, giving them a green looking fur. What could be seen as terrible hygiene is actually a very effective camouflaging technique. They need it, as they are on the menu of eagles, snakes and jaguars.

Sloths hang on branches by their long claws. Sometimes they will misjudge the position of a branch and grab their own arm. This mistake leads to quite a few deaths among the critters.

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