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Snails and slugs are some of the slimiest creatures, but they are pretty impressive too. A snail can slide over a razor blade without getting cut. It just glides over on a cushion made of slime. Animals like slugs and snails are called “gastropods”. The Latin word for belly footed animal. Our little riddle would actually not be possible in nature. While snails are incredibly slow, they also are good at producing suction. These little critters can hang upside down and the only sliding they do is absolute intentional.

Snails leave slime everywhere. Some people believe that you cannot eat anything that has been slimed because it’s poisonous. You don’t need to fear your garden variety snail. Just wash whatever greenery has been slimed up and you’ll be fine. In fact, some research suggests that some snail slime could be used in treatments for stomach ulcers.

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