Pink Kryptonite makes Superman gay.

Yeah, you heard right. Kryptonite first appeared in the comic books as a red crystal, however, lately it has been portrayed as green. Throughout the years, however, in various canons, many different forms of the stone have been revealed each with their own powers. The gold kryptonite, for example, permanently strips Kryptonians of their power. In one of the most bizarre reveals, a pink version of Kryptonite was unveiled in Supergirl Vol. 4 No. 79. That, instead of weakening Superman, instead gave him some gay tendencies. In a stereotypical move, Superman began showering Jimmy Olsen with compliments. In one, he complimented his wardrobe telling him how amazing he looked in bow ties.

An even odder kryptonite was the periwinkle version that made him “fabulous” and hallucinate. The Superman Family Adventures No. 16 comic featured a psychedelic disco scene of the Man of Steel dancing with Lois following exposure to it.

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