Trevi Fountain

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The impressive fountain is the most visited in Rome and is a popular spot for couples. The romantic sculpture was completed in 1762 and it took Nicola Salvi almost 20 years to make it. Almost more impressive, is that the aqueduct feeding water to the fountain was over seventeen centuries old by that time! The Trevi Fountain was the last part of an aqueduct which was constructed in 19 B.C.

The bath in the fountain is one of the most iconic scenes in Dolce Vita. However, you will have a very hard time recreating it. The fountain is guarded by security around the clock to prevent people from climbing all over it. But also to make sure one steels the money. With 3,000 Euros thrown daily are collected every night and given to a city charity. So, when in Rome, throw in a coin, it will ensure you come back AND help those in need.

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