Weekly Hilarity: Magical Twitter Storms

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Welcome along to our weekly roundup of the most important news, from Twitter feuds to bagel wars and much much more, we’ll be delivering you the goods faster than this guy:

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February drew to a close the same as 2016. Quiet, reserved, not much to comment on really.

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We jest of course. First, the good people of the UK had to put up with Storm Doris getting all up in their face.


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No, not that ‘Storm Doris’, although those moves are nothing less than EXQUISITE. Doris, if you’re out there, gimme your number.

Yep, that Storm Doris. Windswept Brits reacted online to the horrors of Doris.

Yorkshire-based Twitter user @fibutton posted this picture of a dog being blown in the wind

Coventry-based social media user Sam Dimmer revealed how a pot plant has been blown over

Meanwhile, another storm was brewing. This time, a Twitter storm. A MAGICAL Twitter storm.

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is no stranger to dishing out damming verdicts on her Twitter account. Just take a look at her feud with universally adored (ahem) ‘journalist’ Piers Morgan

Children’s author J.K Rowling was evidently clapping her hands with glee after witnessing the following TV debate:


Morgan, of course, retorted in a gentlemanly fashion to the author, referencing her previous political associations.

Oh dear. How will one of the world’s most successful author respond?

OUCH. Imperio. Crucio and Avada Kedavra.

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But not satisified with taking down Piers, Rowling set her sights another P. This time, none other than the President of the United States of America.

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This might be a bit of a confusing slur for the non-Brits amongst you, so let us fill you in. Vicky Pollard is this glamorous and intellectual character on TV sitcom Little Britain.

Zing! Basically, Rowling is doing this:

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A Twitter user was good enough to use her own creativity to complete the image for us.

What a beauty! Still, the President seems to be taking it all in his stride and keeping calm, cool and collected as usual.


Photo by Phil Hawksworth source http://www.flickr.com/photos/philhawksworth/5037670666/

Thanks for checking in for this round of WEEKLY HILARITY. Check back in next week for more, or we’ll sneak it up on you like

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