Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was created by the same man who invented the polygraph.

Well the Lasso of Truth makes sense now! The man credited with creating the character was a doctor by the name of William Moulton Marston. Comics aren’t the only thing Dr. Marston has dabbled in. He also served with the army’s psychological division during World War I, wrote a historical novel about Julius Caesar and created the polygraph, or, as it is more colloquially known, the lie detector test. A lot to be proud of for certain, however William Moulton Marston used a pseudonym for his work on the comic. Whilst penning Wonder Women, he went by the name Charles Moulton. When asked why, he said it was to preserve his reputation as a psychologist.

In 1923, Dr. Marston updated his lie detector test and fought to have his new technology used in courtrooms. Much to his dismay though, the courts rejected his request. This obviously affected his work as art imitated life when in a more autobiographical moment in his comics, Wonder Woman tries to get confessions made through the use of her Lasso of Truth admissible in the courtroom.

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